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The Athlete

The Coach

The Entrepreneur

The Visionary 

Meet Coach Kiwi, also known as "Your Transformation Coach". With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, Coach Kiwi has dedicated her career to helping clients transform not only their bodies but also their minds towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Her approach involves pushing each client beyond self-doubt and demanding their personal best, helping them overcome mental blocks that hinder their success.

​Coach Kiwi stands out as a trainer with a passion for people, an unwavering commitment to integrity, and a keen focus on each individual's unique needs. Her clients' personal success is her top priority, and she has a proven track record and a dedicated following to show for it. Her mantra, "I take your results personal," sums up her level of dedication.

​Athletics has always been a part of Coach Kiwi's life, and she has always gone against the grain. At the age of 12 and 13, she was the only little girl playing in her JV football league, and she also played basketball, ran track, and even earned a yellow belt in tae kwon do. Coach Kiwi's own athletic achievements include being a former starting running back for the five-time National Champion, "Detroit Demolition" Women's Professional Football Team, and a nationally ranked bodybuilding women's physique competitor.

​Despite her love for athletics, Coach Kiwi was always about business. She earned a bachelor's degree in Engineering and Graphic Technology from Western Michigan University and later became an event planner with a promotions and marketing business, using her self-taught knowledge of graphic design. However, her passion for fitness, business, and people led her to pursue her calling of owning a fitness business.

​Coach Kiwi's experience and expertise run deep, having trained bodybuilders, professional football and basketball players, track and field athletes, and gymnasts. After retiring from the field and the stage, she desired to maintain an athlete's physique and help other women do the same through the science of fitness, nutrition, and discipline. In 2015, Coach Kiwi developed the "Women Who Lift" program, which aims to help women understand their unique bodies and shape them to their desired look. The program has transformed women ranging from 18 to 68 years old, providing proper form and technique training, and educating on various lifting methods, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, and fitness.

​In addition to her fitness programs, Coach Kiwi has taken her love for fitness and events to the next level by touring state to state with her signature "KICKABS" intense cardio kickboxing and abs class and her "Fitness After Dark" events. With a deep passion for business, fitness, and people, Coach Kiwi is a well-rounded coach with a unique approach to helping individuals transform their bodies and minds.

​Coach's long-awaited dream finally became a reality in 2019 when she opened "The Shed Fit Factory", her very own gym in Michigan. Her ultimate goal for "The Shed" was to create a secure haven where individuals could transform themselves. Shedding distractions, doubts, excuses, and fat was the motto. However, after the one-year anniversary celebration, the gym had to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, Coach refused to let this setback deter her. Her drive remained unrelenting as she pivoted The Shed into a virtual gym from 2020 to now, extending its transformative services to people all around the world. 

Coach is constantly evolving and is now collaborating with Corporate companies to increase value, results and overall performance by creating and facilitate fitness and health programming within organizations. 

Coach has always carried the mantra “BEWARE OF MY GRIND”


She now as something to add “ALWAYS LEVELING UP” 


So who and/or what's up next?

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